Labor Day Baking! What will you be making?

Labor Day is coming Monday, September 3, and we will partake in lots of potluck events during the weekend before.

I am starting to plan what I will bake.

The best and most delicious dessert recipe I have made so far this summer is our newest one - the Nectarine and Peach Cobbler Potluck Pie Recipe. It feeds a crowd, can stay at room temperature and is sure to please. The cream cheese in the crust makes it tender and tangy, and when coupled with the generous sweet filling, makes a perfect ending to any meal. It cuts beautifully and can be eaten out of hand! You can make it with any fruit filling or even a crumb topping, so recipe variations are no problem if you want to bake a few.
Nectarine or Peach Cobbler Potluck Pie Tutorial

Nectarine or Peach Cobbler Potluck Pie Tutorial

The Frosted Fresh Cherry Cake Recipe is always welcomed. It, too, can be baked with any type of fruit if you don't have cherries, and is moist and pleasing with a cup of iced coffee or tea. The Tami's Perfect Buttercream Frosting - Not as Sweet Variation I have paired it with goes perfectly; it is slightly tangy, creamy and fluffy, and not as heavy as cream cheese icing, and can stay at room temperature, so you need not worry about refrigeration. Plus, it always looks so pretty on a Potluck table.
Frosted Fresh Cherry Layer Cake Recipe

Tami's or Perfect Buttercream Recipe - Not as Sweet Version

Neapolitan Cakes in Jars Recipe contributes whimsy to any tablescape! Kids love the white, chocolate and strawberry cakes that are baked together. The tri-colored frosting swirls are so playful and especially scrumptious!
Neapolitan Cakes in Jars Recipe

Freshly baked pound cake is always well received at any event. I have two recipes I am especially fond of the Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe and the Toasted Pound Cake with Grapefruit and Vanilla Curd Recipe. Either one goes so well with any meal. 
Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe

Toasted Pound Cake with Grapefruit and Vanilla Curd Recipe

And, who doesn't love cookies, pies and more recipes of all sorts?

I think there's a lot to think (and dream) about.

What will you be baking for the holiday weekend?

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