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Dutch-Oven Buttermilk No Knead Bread   

Yeast bread is one of our most celebrated foods by every culture in some form or another. It is one of the most satisfying recipes to bake from scratch! All bread making goes through specific stages, from raw ingredients to a baked loaf to storage.

The Ultimate Butter Cake (UBC)

There are many different types of cakes and many different ways of dividing them into various categories, but they are generally classified according to whether or not they contain fat, called SHORTENED (BUTTER OR OIL) CAKES or UNSHORTENED (FOAM) CAKES. Chiffon cakes, the third category, are included with unshortened (foam) cakes.

Foolproof Toffee

Sugar confectionery refers to a large range of food items, which includes candy. Its main ingredient is crystalline sugar (sucrose), sometimes along with its close relative, glucose or corn syrup.

Classic Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Confections
A lot of us feel passionate about chocolate, the ingredient, used in wide variety of Chocolate Confections, discussed here -- a passion that goes beyond a love for candies or desserts. For the true chocoholic, eating chocolate can be a daily event. 

French Macarons (Macaroons)

The word cookies refers to "small cakes" derived from the Dutch word "koekje" or "koekie." They can be prepared in myriad shapes, flavors and textures. 

Spring Tulip Cake Pops

Crafty Baker
We love to play with our food, and make craft projects from recipes. Decorated cakes, cookies, etc. are so beautiful and festive. To learn, it does take practice and patience, but it is fun to do, and we show you how.

 Tangerine Panna Cotta

Custard is a thick, rich, creamy sweet or savory dessert, made mixtures of eggs or egg yolks, milk or cream, flavorings (vanilla, nutmeg, etc.) and optionally, sweeteners (sugar, honey). A small amount of starch such as flour, cornstarch, arrowroot and potato starch can be found in some recipes.

 Cherry Pink Chiffon Cupcake


Frosting, Icing, etc.
Frosting or icing, fillings and glazes add flavor, improve the appearance and texture, and add a protective shield that preserve freshness in a baked dessert.

 Macaroon Ice Cream Pops

Perfect for a snack or dessert, frozen desserts are so refreshing. Here I discuss them in detail, the different types of frozen desserts with recipes. They run the gamut from ice cream, sorbet, granita and yogurt to frozen soufflés, mousses and smoothies.

 Gluten-Free Everyday Chocolate Cake or Cupcakes

Gluten Free Classics will provide classic, gluten-free recipes, our favorite gluten free products to enjoy at home and delicious restaurants that cater to gluten-free eaters. Because, we all have to eat, right?

 Healthy Oven Applesauce Layer Cake frosted with Healthy Oven Buttercream

Healthy Baking takes many forms from baking with low-fat ingredients, addressing specific health problems, or just watching your weight and health.

Palmier (Elephant Ears)

Pastry is essentially a type of bread and so many different types exist that there is no one way to classify them. Their chief differences have to do with their fat, the type used, its proportion, and how it is introduced it into the flour.

The Ultimate Apple Pie

Pies and Tarts
Pies and tarts are pastries that consist of a minimum of two components: the first, a relatively thin pastry (pie) dough, when baked forms a crust (also called pastry shells) that hold the second, the filling, which classifies them by type.

  Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding with a White Chocolate & Raspberry Sauce

Puddings (pood'ings) are a thick, soft dessert, ranging from sweet to savory, with textures from soft to moderately hard. They typically containing flour or some other thickener (such as tapioca), milk, eggs, a flavoring, and sweetener. 

Healthy Oven Zucchini Tea Loaf

Quick breads have evolved as a distinctly different tradition after the introduction of baking powder in 1850. Before that, breads and cakes were leavened with yeast. It has in fact replaced yeast as a leavening agent for cakes almost entirely, but not yeast bread doughs.